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Everything you need to know about the Barf Diet

Feeding our pets is a fundamental part of their well-being and development. So we must carefully choose the type of food we will offer our dog, because this is a very important decision. There are already many people who choose to feed their furry with natural food instead of processed food. This is the BARF diet.

What is the BARF diet?
This diet takes its name from the acronym, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. So, as the name suggests, the diet consists in feeding our furry friends with raw food, with meat from different animals such as pork, beef, chicken, salmon, … In the composition of the menu we also find other products such as meat bones, organs, offal, fruits and vegetables. The most important thing about this diet is that the food our pets eat is free of preservatives, dyes and all kinds of additives, which are usually present in processed foods. Also, when consumed raw, the food does not lose its properties and nutrients.

What are the origins of the BARF diet?
The creator of this diet is Ian Billinghurst, based on the fact that dogs are direct descendants of the wolf, he opted for an evolutionary diet for his furry ones, that is to give them the food they would eat in nature. So he decided to mimic the way their wild relatives eat, with natural, raw ingredients and no preservatives or additives.

The BARF diet makes sense when we consider that although they are domesticated animals, the biology is almost identical to that of their ancestors, so they need the same nutritional requirements.

This diet has a number of health benefits for your pets, compared to other types of food, as it is based on biologically appropriate natural foods. Let’s take a look at these benefits:

Lots of flavor
Your pet will love this type of food because it has lots of flavor and is moist. Plus, you can alternate between different types of meat, making for a very varied food – you’ll have him licking his lips!

Dental Health
Natural food helps reduce bacterial plaque thus reducing bad breath, while fleshy bones will help remove tartar from the teeth. This results in clean teeth and better dental health.

Improves metabolism
Because they don’t ingest refined carbohydrates from dry food, the rate of obesity is greatly reduced, as well as diabetes and irritable bowel. Your furry friends will gain muscle mass and lose body fat through exercise, this will make your dog look better and boost their metabolism.

Optimal digestive cycle
The BARF diet will help your furry to achieve an optimal digestive cycle, as the natural foods will significantly reduce stool volume and odor. A healthy digestive cycle and fit digestive enzymes will help absorb a large amount of nutrients.

More hydration
By eating wet, natural food, our faithful friends will stay much more hydrated, which will relieve stress on the kidneys and liver. Whereas if we give dry food, digestion will be much slower and heavier, because the body will have to rehydrate the food to absorb the nutrients.

Iron Health
BARF food normalizes the immune system and strengthens it, covering all its needs in terms of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. This in turn means a reduction in inflammatory diseases and a quick and effective response to infections. A healthy animal is a happy animal.

More energy
By eating raw, natural food, your pet will experience an increase in energy and vitality, derived primarily from meat and natural fats. In addition, their joints will be in better shape, preventing arthritis and other bone problems due to mineral loss.

What does the Barf diet consist of?

The percentages and ingredients of this diet are determined by what they would eat in nature, so menus should reflect this as much as possible. The foods on this diet are:

Meaty bones

Raw meat

Organs and offal

Fruits (except grapes, raisins, currants and apple seeds, which are toxic to dogs)

Vegetables (except onions, tomatoes, raw potatoes, which are toxic to dogs)

Natural oils, such as fish oils

Naturcanin his favorite Barf

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