MTJM Sagl, Via Al Sapell 2, 6925 Gentilino
+41 77 535 44 92


  • We know that many people every day personally prepare the menu for their four-legged friend following their own criteria, with all the difficulties involved (buying the different ingredients, cleaning them, preparing them, etc.). All this takes away precious time.
  • Naturcanin was born from the need to find a natural food, without preservatives or dyes of any kind, offering the change to a biologically balanced diet.
    Our products are 100% natural to maintain the general health and total physical well-being of our four-legged friends.
  • We select the best proteins, minerals and vitamins that mother nature gives us, thanks to the preparation with first choice ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and meat.
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Address MTJM Sagl, Via Al Sapell 2, 6925 Gentilino
Phone number +41 77 535 44 92
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